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Light Box Signs

At signshoponline.co.za we manufacture all shapes, sizes and types of illuminated light box signs both for indoor and outdoor use.

Exterior signage is designed to create impact and at signshoponline.co.za we make outdoor and indoor light box signage signs that are designed to make their presence felt.

Our exterior light box signs are designed especially for outdoor purposes so they are both weatherproof and waterproof. With the advances in LED technologies, we have a highly sustainable method of illuminating light box signs safely and effectively.

LED technology is safe technology- it is low voltage and virtually maintenance free that consumes less power and are substantially more energy efficient than traditional lighting methods such as neon tubing which is a high energy product with high maintenance.

LED has now become the illumination of choice largely due to its low power and lux levels and is now popular with our signage design team who enjoy the effects that can be achieved using intelligent lighting techniques.

Light box signs can be made either single or double sided.

Lightbox Signage

We like to look at signage differently. Our lightbox signs are designed to enhance their environment to project both information and brand features and both internal and external light box signs are custom made to precise specifications that meet planning, building, health and safety requirements.

We follow best practice guidelines throughout our sign design and manufacturing process and, wherever possible, we work with products which are environmentally-friendly and originate from re-cycled or sustainable sources.

Our lightbox signs therefore are designed to enhance the environment rather than dominate or impose on a landscape so our project managers work alongside building and estate owners, architects and specifiers to project both information and brand appropriately, yet consistently.

Meeting all your signage requirements.

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