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General Safety Signs

General safety signskeep employees and customers alike informed of the risk of being in certain areas.

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First Aid Equipment

First Aid Equipment Sign

General Direction

General Direction Sign

Direction to Escape Route 1

Direction to Escape Route 1 Sign

Direction to Escape Route 2

Direction to Escape Route 2 Sign

Manned First-Aid Station

Manned First-Aid Station Sign

Drinking Water

Drinking Water Sign

Blasting Point

Blasting Point Sign

Travelling Way

Travelling Way Sign

Locomotive Refueling

Locomotive Refueling Sign

Ladies Toilet

Ladies Toilet Sign

Gents Toilet

Gents Toilet Sign

Refuge Chamber

Refuge Chamber Sign


Telephone Sign

Waiting Place

Waiting Place Sign

Emergency Telephone

Emergency Telephone Sign

Electric Isolator Switch

Electric Isolator Switch Sign

Stairs Going Down

Stairs Going Down Sign

Stairs Going Up

Stairs Going Up Sign

Eye Wash

Eye Wash Sign

Safety Shower

Safety Shower Sign

Location of Bomb Bag

Location of Bomb Bag Sign

Allocated to or Accessible to Wheelchairs

Allocated to or Accessible to Wheelchairs Sign

Breathing Apparatus

Breathing Apparatus Sign

Shelter in Place

Shelter in Place Sign

Emergency Assembly Point

Emergency Assembly Point Sign

Tap For Washing Hands

Tap For Washing Hands

Helicopter Pad

Helicopter Pad Sign

Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop Sign

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