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Custom Signs

custom sign

Custom signs such as Parking, Road and Safety Signs, indoor and outdoor signs can be made of ABS, Chromadek, acrylic and various other substrates subject to applicable requirements .

n the case of The Room, it is a special type of plastic (known as ABS) and can also be used for indoor signs such as directional signs, safety signs etc. Custom Parking signs will be made of Chromadek on frame and might include stands for portability of the sign.

One of our clients requested a door sign (The Room sign) to compliment the store’s overall design. This sign was manufactured , per instructions the clients brief.

We can offer you creative solutions for your indoor and outdoor signs. For more information on custom signs please contact us at or at 064 146 0484

With digital advertising “Size Matters”, depending on where you need it to be installed.

Digital signage and advertising is a tool that industries are beginning to adopt.

We can offer you solutions to improve your branding and advertising your product with digital displays. Please contact us for more information

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