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Signage - Council Approval

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Understanding the By-Laws of the Municipality in your targeted area, as approved by its Council, is important when considering particular signage. It is advisable to enquire and seek approval for your proposed signage.

Some councils might insist that approvals for signage be sought for new signs or for any changes to existing signage. The applicable By-Laws will indicate Councils rules specific to signage, branding, and advertising but will also specify those exempt. It is advisable to seek clarification at your local Council prior to authorising commencement of signage work.

There are various determining factors that can influence the approval such as:

• The compatibility of the proposed advertising sign with the environment and with the amenity of the immediate neighbourhood, urban design, and streetscape

• Whether the proposed advertising sign will have a negative visual impact on any property or property zoned or used for residential purposes under any applicable town-planning or land use scheme

• Constitute a danger to any person or property or to motorists or pedestrians or obstruct vehicular or pedestrian traffic or constitute a traffic hazard in general

• In any way impair the visibility of any road traffic sign

• Obscure any existing and legally erected advertising sign

• Obscure any feature which in the opinion of the City is a natural feature, architectural feature or visual line of civic, architectural, historical or heritage significance

• In the City’s opinion, be unsightly or objectionable or detrimentally impact on the architectural design of any building on the property concerned or any adjacent or nearby property

• The number of advertising signs displayed or to be displayed on the property concerned and on any adjacent property and its visibility in the circumstances in which it will be viewed in compliance with the minimum distances specified in the applicable section of the By-Law.

• Any restrictive or other condition and any existing building line and servitude specified in a title deed, town planning scheme, conditions of establishment or any other law;

• Any comments/objections/representations submitted by and conditions determined or prescribed by any statutory authority in terms of any legislation applicable to outdoor advertising;

• Compliance with the provisions of this By-law

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