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Professional Signage company-Manufacturers of light boxes, Neon signage, LED signs, banners, as well as Pylon Signage, customized to individual company requirements.

SignShopOnline is a full service signage company located in Gauteng, Durban and Cape Town, servicing all areas in South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Our mission is to provide customers with un-matched service levels and provide the very best sign solutions .Whether you need one sign or several hundred we, one of the leading signage companies in South Africa can advise you on the best materials and production methods!

Our team is especially geared to towards corporates, where adherence to CI, is of paramount importance. We specialise in Franchise signage, and also provide rental solutions for Signage. Our service level as well as pricing, is un-paralleled in the industry. Talk to us about your signage requirements.

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Company Signage


Make your company signage stand out using these attention-grabbing tips. The purpose of advertising is to increase the public's awareness of you. What better way than through good signage?

Most business signs are well-proportioned, carefully balanced, tastefully drawn and perfectly colour-coordinated. In other words, utterly predictable and effectively invisible.

The five most common signsage design mistakes made by businesses :

  1. Attempting to be understated or elegant;
  2. Attempting to "fit," or blend into, the surrounding environment;
  3. Underspending;
  4. Including too much information; and
  5. Placing the sign too high. (The eyes of drivers tend to stay focused at windshield height. Low signs are better in town. Tall signs are better on freeways where they'll be read--at windshield height--from great distances.)

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The Importance of Signage


A sign is both a visual business locator and product/service communicator used to promote the products or services it offers. Signage has become more extensive and innovative than ever before, and provides a vital and dynamic communication function in the overall media mix.

A business sign, is a normally a once-off expense item. Unlike other forms of media, business signs are exclusive and have the potential to be seen by customers 24/7, 365 days per year. It is imperative that signage communicates an attractive business image or business promise in order for the business to attract clientele. It is just as critical for today’s businesses to portray the correct image to passers-by’s, and to provide consumers with an appealing retail setting.

We as a signage manufacturer recognise that the primary objective of any signage is to draw the attention of prospective clients to your business and to convince them to “stop and see “what your business has to offer. Signage informs potential customers of your services and where it is located. Creating a sign for your business is therefore critical. Your design and overall message must be ‘easily seen and found’ by any and all of your future customers.

Street signage offers the opportunity to ‘attract and interact’ with each passing customers. A well-placed, highly visible sign, advertising your business is vital and you will be surprised by the amount of publicity it can generate.

Important Aspects to Consider

What Signs Do for your Business!!!


Signage advertising can be considered as a necessary element in effective business marketing. For instance, using signs that include the logo or brand of your business is useful in re-inforcing your presence to your target audience. These are also beneficial in sending relevant information to your customers, and because you can practically put exterior signs outside your establishment, you can be certain that their advertising effects are not limited to your official business hours only.

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