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Channel and 3D lettering

Channel and 3-Dimensional lettering are increasingly being used by various types of businesses and industries.

Channel and 3-Dimensional lettering are metal letters that have been formed individually with internal illumination. They can be constructed from steel or aluminum, as well as made in almost any colour! The sign is enclosed by an acrylic face, and can be lit by either Neon or LED.

Channel & 3-Dimensional lettering is considered to be one of the most popular and effective ways of advertising a business or service.

Channel letter signs are the individual lettering, laminated words, letters, logos, and graphics that often appear on storefronts and on building walls to provide identification.

Create high-visibility appeal by choosing custom lettering and lighting choices that incorporate your business logo and with eye-catching designs.

Among the most popular signage choices, Channel & 3-Dimensional letter signs come in a number of styles to suit your taste and your budget. can advise you on the best lighting choice for your channel or 3-Dimensional letter signage from economical, face-lit designs to elegant back-lighted options.

Channel & 3-Dimensional letter signs can be illuminated with Neon or LED and are a superior signage choice for many applications. Each channel or 3-Dimensional letter has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a professional and highly visible signage presentation both day and night.

Permanent signage prominently displays your company's image. With the ability to be mounted indoors or out, with or without lighting, dimensional letters have a variety of applications.

3-Dimensional letters

3-Dimensional letters can be made of a variety of materials including: plastic injection molded, wood or brass. They can be applied to any surface and illuminated with flood lighting.

Expertly crafted 3-dimensional signs speak volumes about a company, particularly as to its professionalism. Anyone can produce a storefront or street-view sign, but products that have been carefully engineered to stand out while at the same time blending with the surroundings are true works of art.

We create a one-on-one relationship with our client for every sign produced. This is a necessary step in designing custom architectural work. Regardless of the fact that have years of experience creating visual masterpieces for just about every segment of the business industry, the most important part of the manufacturing process is to engineer a plan that captures the client’s own visualization of how to present the company he or she owns.

A representative of will meet with the client ascertain their requirements. Depending on the existing signs owned by the client and the materials already being used, a very simple first draft of the new signage is created, one that reflects the intended materials, colours, and textures.

The final cost varies according to the client’s budget, the amount and variation of materials, and factors such as additional supplies needed to create free-standing product.

Once the colours are chosen and the materials list is finalized, the idea is taken to the drawing board. The final plan must meet with city or other local government approval as pertains to zoning regulations. The signage is then manufactured and installed on the client’s property. is an industry leader in the design and production of top-quality signs - from idea conception to the finished product, every sign produced is entirely customized to fit a client’s image.

Meeting all your signage requirements.

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  • Arenas
  • Museums
  • High Rise Buildings
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  • Airports
  • Restaurants
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