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Signage / Services

Informational Signs’s custom-made informational signage combines function with cutting edge design to make your environment memorable and easy to navigate.

We’ll help you incorporate design elements from your space while keeping visibility and legibility top of mind to create the perfect signage package. Our experts will work with you to pull together a truly integrated look that draws attention to detail, including your signage.

Informational signs options :

Informational signs options include ceiling or wall mounted durable rigid signs, ranging from very simple to more elaborate using custom-made designs to incorporate the unique decorative elements of your business space.

We manufacture specialised informational signs in a variety of colours using quality materials to ensure that your signs last for years to come.

Decals and Cut-lettering are economical choices that feature a complete selection of colours which work very well for a fraction of the cost.

Both custom and pre-designed options are offered to allow for maximum flexibility and simplicity of design. has installed a wide variety of signage programmes from community centres and schools to retail establishments.

We design, manufacture and install the perfect custom solution for your unique environment and create memorable spaces incorporating inspiring images for a dramatic impact.

Our Informational Signs are used to communicate potential hazards or conditions likely to cause danger, risk, or injury with the overall goal of keeping employees and workers safe in the workplace.

At, we specialize in making sure your business has a strong visual presence once your clients, suppliers or employees walk in the front door. It is important to make a good impression on visitors when they arrive at your reception desk with stunning dimensional letters and colourful, printed floor mats.

Provide easy to read menu and display boards, digital kiosks, directional signs and floor graphics to inform and direct your customers.

Meeting all your signage requirements.

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