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Billboard Signs

Billboards are large advertising displays that can be viewed from long distances. They are typically placed in high traffic areas and busy roads and intersections. Their appeal is the fact that they present your brand message to passing drivers and passersby around the clock. This makes billboards both an effective and efficient medium and marketing option.

Billboards allow for creative adaptation: Custom designs, billboard extensions, and unique features. The more eye catching the billboard, the more attention it will attract. Our billiards come in various sizes, and formats, illuminated, or not, digital or plain flighted

We have the technical expertise, experience, and equipment to produce striking billboard displays that will attract attention whilst getting your marketing message across.

Your signage and graphic designs demand the utmost in quality and professionalism, that’s where we come in. In a business world that includes formidable competition, it’s crucial that you maximize your advertising and stand out to your potential and existing customers. Signshoponline is renowned for creating undeniably effective visual signage (which includes billboards, PVC banners, street signs/pole ads, etc.).

As premier billboard manufacturers, we offer our clients a wide variety of billboard related services. Our all-encompassing service means we are the only billboard company you will need to work with when you decide to take your advertising to the next level

We are also well-versed in the city bylaws associated with such advertising. We comply with the standards, the rules and the regulations as determined by the city, and we make sure that we adhere to the guidelines. This means you have one less thing to worry about.

We have worked on installations of all sizes, and we are not shy when it comes to the creativity. We go one step further to create memorable designs that will keep your customers thinking about your products for some time to come.

Alongside our billboard related services, we also provide building wraps, vinyl and wallpaper applications, PVC banners, mesh banners, construction wraps and custom installations.

Why billboards are an effective marketing medium

Billboards signs are a traditional marketing medium that is still hugely effective in the modern business world. When you think about it, these large, unmissable signs are everywhere. It is often applied along highways, enticing drivers as they drive past. If you are a business owner looking for a way to get your brand noticed, billboards need to be part of your outdoor signage strategy!

Here are some reasons why billboards are so effective:

Boosts Visibility

Billboard ads are extremely effective and are sure to boost visibility for your brand. As more and more people drive past your billboard, they will start to recognize your brand and brand recognition is a great achievement for any company.


Billboards may seem costly to manufacture and set up, but in the long run, they are one of the most cost-effective sign options. Talk to your consultant about your billboard ideas and we will help you determine a strategic placement for maximum impact.

What is rope access?

In order to get high up and in difficult heights, or out of reach places, a special set of specialized equipment needs to be set up. A rope system is used to allow technicians to gain access to the desired work height and position, with the same system also helping them get back down safely once the job is done, hence the name rope access.

Also known as industrial climbing, rope access has its roots in the climbing and caving community, and was adopted by scaffolding companies as a means to safely climb risky places and carry out necessary work. As billboard manufacturers, it is important for us to have a team of rope access specialists to flight billboards.

With the support of ropes, technicians can get to otherwise dangerous and difficult to reach areas with ease. The ropes ensure that the technicians will not fall from their position and at the same time be quite comfortable while suspended.

The safety of these systems is twofold. The initial rope system is designed to suspend a person in place, and in the event of the system failing, there is a backup in place to ensure that the technician doesn’t fall.

The systems are only as effective as the setup, which is why it is so important that only an experienced team does this.

In some industries the use of rope access is a mandatory safety policy.

In terms of rope access, we provide our clients with a range of different services which include all of the most commonly sought-after services relating to rope access.

Our team of rope access specialists can clean, paint or renovate just about any structure, including high rise building, silos, billboards and high-rise structures. To determine your exact requirements, we can set up a consultation and have a chat with you and evaluate the structure in question.

By painting or coating the structure, you are ensuring that the integrity as well as the lifespan of your structure is prolonged by several years

Billboard Maintenance

Rope access is the ideal service for maintenance, welding, general repairs, waterproofing, washing and fixes to the surface.

Billboard installation

A solution for those who need rigging, bolting, the installation of steel structures and of inspection platforms.

Our team of experts are able to carry out a wide variety of installations and they are able to do so safely.

Rope access for the installation of billboards and other large signage is a service we offer our clients. Our services are amongst the most affordable in the industry

We have over 22 years’ experience in the signage industry and no job is too large or too complex for our team of specialists.

Here are some of our billboard sign installations

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