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Vehicle Wraps

Every car / vehicle serves a purpose, why not promote your business with our vehicle wrapping?.. Vehicle wraps widen the impact of your advertising Brand. is one the car wrap advertising companies as it offers a variety of custom vehicle wrap services for example bus wrap advertising, truck wrap advertising, car vinyls, van advertising wraps, car lettering decals and car magnet signs for business and individuals

With today’s advertising clutter it’s difficult for companies and organizations to get the exposure they need in order to thrive. At we are committed to designing the best car advertisement wrapsand creating exciting vehicle graphics, wall graphics, vinyl wraps, floor wraps, window wraps and many other wide format digital print media that will steer your company’s message directly to your target audience by capturing their attention.

The entire car wrap advertising process from the design to print and installation of the vehicle wrap is performed in-house by our full-time staff. This allows us to control the quality of every project we do. Our clean print room is second to none with a brand new Seven Color digital printer a controlled temperature and dust-free environment allowing us to produce stunning quality graphics.

Both under the radar and over the top,’s car wraps, vehicle graphics, wall graphics, vinyl wraps, floor wraps, window wraps, and all other digital print products ensure that you are seen and talked about.

`Car Wraps’ advertising are fast becoming one of the most effective forms of advertising to promote businesses both large and small in South Africa.

Car wrap advertising is best described as a marketing tool of completely or partially covering (wrapping) a vehicle with an advertising message which is printed on vinyl sheets.

The vinyl sheets can later be removed with relative ease, drastically reducing the costs associated with changing advertisements. While vehicles with large, flat surfaces (such as buses or trucks) are often used, the trend today is to use motor vehicles as a moving advertising medium for promotion of a product or services.

When it comes to promoting a company, a vehicle wrap will give you the most impressions per rand spend than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Whilst vehicle wraps are relatively expensive, they do last for a number of years before seeing any fading and/or evidence of wear and tear. The one-time expense of a vehicle wrap for a business provides a very cost effective moving advertising medium.

Why you should wrap your vehicle

Car Wrap Maintenance

There is no maintenance once your car wrap is applied. Regular car washing keeps the wrap shiny and clean. High quality vinyl is recommended and if correctly installed will not damage the paint of the vehicle.

Fleet Vehicle Graphics

For larger companies, fleet vehicle wraps increases business exposure and by wrapping an entire fleet of vehicles you can create thousands of visual impressions on a daily basis - the more vehicle wraps per business the more exposure you will receive.

Vehicle Wrap Facts

Car or vehicle wraps creates more potential customers at a lower ‘cost per thousand impressions’ than any other forms of advertising and is estimated to reach a very high percentage of people of all income levels.

In the USA research has established that a vehicle wrap can create 20,000-70,000 visual impressions per day and fleet vehicle wraps increases business exposure 15 times greater than any other type of advertising.

Vehicle wrap advertising exposes a business or service to commuters on the highways, city streets, sidewalks, and when the vehicle is parked.

The average driver in Johannesburg travels more than 300 kilometers their car each week and this creates an opportunity for a potential customers to see your vehicle mobile advertising.

Automotive Wraps and Building Wraps are one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising in the major towns and cities in South Africa.

Vehicle wraps/Wrap Advertising have become a very effective promotional tool as they combine the key elements of marketing, advertising and branding, into a convenient and proven mobile advertising solution.

SignShopOnline experienced design department, integrated printing department and certified install experts work together to create a visual masterpiece. Our full-colour, high-resolution vinyl graphics are coated with a protective laminate that offers superior protection. These high-impact graphics can be affixed to cars, trucks, vans, boats, etc. you name it, we wrap it!

When making the choice for your vehicle advertising, take no chances, contact SignShopOnline and see the difference.

Various Types of Vehicle Branding

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